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Amazon Kindle Bestseller

My book hit the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list!

#1 in Home Based AND #1 in New Business Enterprises Categories

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Amazon Kindle Bestseller in 2 categories.

Sorry I Have to Stop Comments

My site is being bombarded with spam comments so sorry to say, I am not allowing anymore comments or trackbacks.  If you have a real comment, please feel free to use the contact me page to reach me.  I will continue posting new ideas from time to time.  My book…Realistic Home Businesses is now available in the Amazon Kindle version on Amazon’s site.  Look for a new business posting soon.

Book publish date.

Publication of my new book, Realistic Home Businesses, is coming soon.  The book will be for sale on Amazon with a target publication date of May 1, 2012.  The cover is below and the final edit is almost complete.  Check back soon for links to the book and more information.  After publication of the book, my blog will describe more business opportunities not listed in the book.  Stay tuned for a publication special.

Realistic Home Businesses

New Book Cover


Hello, My name is Pat Sloss.  This site and blog will go hand in hand with my new book about Home Based Businesses.  I will list more information about the book closer to the publication date.  From time to time, I will list new business descriptions and ideas, not in my book, on this site.  The Business Resources tab contains a list of resources I use to manage my business.  I personally use or have used all of the companies that I am recommending for your business.

Finding all of the information needed to start your new business can be overwhelming.   I hope this information will make your research time for many of the resources you need for your new business a little easier.  Check back often for new information and resources.