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Most small businesses that sell a product need pictures. Those pictures must be good high quality photos to show off the product in the best way possible. For smaller items under 24 inches I found the perfect Product Photo Light Tent.

I had previously bought the old white version that folded flat but when you tried to unfold it you could sometimes get hit in the head when it sprung to life. Then you needed a set of lights to put on the side and over the top. All of this equipment took up a lot of room, the lights were hot, and it seemed I could never get them adjusted correctly and still had shadows. Then there were the flimsy cloth backdrops that seemed to always get a smudge on them and you could not clean them easily.

I found the perfect light tent with it’s own pre installed LED lights and 4 heavy backdrops. I have to take pictures often and this will be a timesaver for me. I received it today and set it up in about 2 minutes, inserted the very nice quality backdrop from a selection of 4 that attaches with Velcro, plugged it in and turned the switch on, put my item in and took a perfect picture. The self-contained LED’s are perfect! No more dragging lights around and trying to get rid of shadows. The backdrops are also a heavier and cleanable rather than the old thin white cloth. I was also happy the cord had an off on switch so I did not have to unplug but just turn the switch off. Click on the link below to take a look at the one I bought:   http://amzn.to/2mQEGy1


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